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Tag archives for Yamaguchi

Norihiko Ichihashi Sensei Nagoya seminars

The videos here are from a few different seminars that took place in Nagoya, Japan in the 90’s. If anyone has any details on these, dates, names of dojos etc.3342


Aikido Jo Suburi – Katate Toma Uchi – Develop Dynamic Kime

Jo (Aiki-Jo) suburi katate toma uchi with some detailed explanations. This technique is also a great exercise for developing a dynamic kime and energy transfer!95


Mochi (rice cake) Preparation – Aikido Kagamibiraki 2016

SUBSCRIBE: [removed] SUBTITLES: Click on "CC" Hombu Dojo instructor preparing the mochi …167


Aikido Jo Basics – Exercises for Warmup, Stretching, Acupressure – Aiki-Jo

I show some exercises with the Jo for warmup. Some acupressure points are used as well. My Dojo in Berlin is Tanden Dojo – where I practise and teach …317


Kakuyoku Nidan Yamaguchi Takashi



Aikido Slowmotion – The Beauty of Aikido – The Flow and Dynamic of Movement

Die Schönheit und Einfachheit von Aikido Gabriel Horsch (Körperschule Winterthur) stellt den Fluss des Ki ins Zentrum. Daraus entstehen fliessende …101


Atsushi Mimuro Aikido Demonstration (Kamakura) [Sep.2016]

鶴岡八幡宮例大祭・秋季奉納演武大会 Aikido autumn dedication demonstration 2016/9/10 (Sat) at Tsuruoka Hachimangu, Kamakura. 横浜国際合気道会 …359


Aikido Jo Kata Elements – Aiki-Jo Kata 7 and 13

Some Jo (Aiki-Jo) kata elements, details and application examples. Soto nagashi uke, choku tsuki, uke nagashi, yokomen uchi, gedan uchi, kote osae. My Dojo …526


The Secret Power of the Intentionless (Choiceless) State in Aikido, Qigong, Meditation

Exploring and Testing the Power of the Intentionless (Choiceless) State or Awareness in Aikido during my Seminar "Internal Work in Aikido" in Munich 2016.256


Ki Aikido and the Legacy of Shizuo Imaizumi Shihan

Aikido Journal will shortly release a new course titled "Ki Aikido and the Legacy of Shizuo Imaizumi Shihan". Shizuo Imaizumi is one of the top students of the …181