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Tag archives for Yamaguchi

Microcosmic Orbit in Aikido Udekime Nage – Advanced Internal Qi Work – Connecting Aikido and Qigong

I show how to use the Microcosmic Orbit energy circulation to enhance the Aikido Technique Udekime Nage (minimized version), connecting Aikido and Qigong.42


Seminarium AIKIDO w Suchym Lesie 2014

Na początku lutego w Gminnym Ośrodku Sportu w Suchym Lesie odbyło się Seminarium Aikido, które prowadził sensei Christian Tissier (7 dan aikido)241


Aikido in Training – Excerpts from “LOST TECHNIQUES”

‘Aikido In Training’ supplementary installment “LOST TECHNIQUES” focuses on often overlooked or misplaced applications in todays Aikido practice. Included …232


How To Choose your Aikido Hakama – Training vs Tradition Hakama | W/Subtitles

SUBSCRIBE : [removed] This is the third video of our product presentation series that we aim to be as …457


Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei at the Santa Cruz Aikido Summer Retreat



Aikido Shihan Nadeau: Advanced Balance 8. Small Things

A common misunderstanding of being relaxed is letting ‘down’. Rather, relax the limitations of being. Relax into the totality fully present. Then "you are the …169


Highlights from Lesson 15 of Stanley Pranin's "Zone Theory of Aikido"

Click here for more details on the "Zone Theory of Aikido" Course: [removed] Morihei Ueshiba …277


Stéphane GOFFIN: Aikido Stage à VIENNE Sep 2009

Stéphane GOFFIN et Laetitia DUBASIN chez Aikinomichi Dojo à Vienne / Autriche Stéphane GOFFIN and Leatitia DUBASIN visiting Aikinimichi Dojo in Vienna …397


Aikido Dimitri Crenier – Shoshin Dojo – Sept. 2016

Techniques d’Aïkido démontrées par Dimitri Crenier, relation entre, le Boken, le Jo et diverses techniques: Ikkyo, Irimi Nage, Kote Gaeshi, …93


Norihiko Ichihashi Sensei Nagoya seminars

The videos here are from a few different seminars that took place in Nagoya, Japan in the 90’s. If anyone has any details on these, dates, names of dojos etc.3342