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Tag archives for Iwama Ryu

Iwama city ( 岩間 ) Japan -The home-town of Aikido-

As far I as understand Iwama is where Ueshiba sensei (the founder of Aikido) put down roots and where Aikido more or less evolved. Countless people in both …390


O-sensei's Aikido Dojo : the Iwama Aiki Dojo

The Aiki Dojo of O-Sensei in Iwama, hosted by Saito Sensei. Recorded in 2001.38


Ninindori Yves et Patrick

Entraînement 1 contre deux adversaires au club d’Aikido Iwama Ryu de Plouer sur Rance (en Bretagne, Côtes d’Armor, france, près Dinan, Dinard, Saint Malo) …27


How to Escape a Katate Dori (wrist Hold) in Iwama Ryu Aikido

How to Escape a Katate Dori (wrist Hold) in Iwama Ryu Aikido 00:00:26 Steps 00:00:31 1 – If an assailant grabs your left wrist with their right hand or your right …172


Aikido 13 Jo Kata – (JUSAN NO KATA)

The Aiki Jo developed by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) is a method of using Japanese staff techniques to teach the principles of Aikido. The 13 Jo Kata is a staff …61


Exhibicion en Auditorio.wmv

AIKIDO IWAMA RYU Escuela de Aikido Tradicional de México con dirección Boulevard Andres Serra Rojas Sin numero enfrente de Soriana Polyforum.291


Démonstration Aikido 50 ans AVG

Demonstration du club de villeneuve la garenne par Jean-Marc SERIO – 5e DAN AÏKIKAÏ DE TOKYO, 4e DAN IWAMA RYU.635


Présentation de la soirée arts-martiaux rennes 17-09-2010

Soirée ,dédiée aux arts-martiaux japonais, organisée par l’association de karaté shito ryu et de Tai chi chuan de Maître Georges Wyckaërt, arts-martiaux rennes …71


Iwama City 岩間 (HD Version) The Home-Town of Aikido-

Another request to upgrade to HD as the text on the sign post at Aiki-jinja was unreadable to many on the first version of this movie. I couldn’t find the original …390


Iwama Aikido Prague Vanocni Demo 2013