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Aikido – Tsuzuki Waza 23 – Bokkendori



Aikido demonstracija na karate turniru | D. Vakuf

02.04.2017. NOTE: I am not an author of this song and do not own copyrights for music. It belongs to respective authors (Nightwish). It is used only in private, …229


How to do Aikido – Escaping a Choke Hold #takingaikidoback

Episode #23 reveals techniques for escaping a choke hold. Watch as in this episode the two brothers Anthony and Chris Sensei take it a step further and add a …383


Examen de aikido

Examen de Aikido.Club C.A.S.A. De Padua. Federación Aikikai Argentina. Sensei Carlos Coca. 8 de abril de 2017. Cristian Rodriguez (3er kyu). Julio Suarez …523


Lynne Morrison Shidoin Aikido Florida Aikikai Demo at Hatsume Fair 2017

Lynne Morrison Aikido Demo 2017 Hatsume Fair. Uke Helen Reynolds, Keith Lit.50


Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan 宮本鶴蔵 , France Soulac 1988 Aikido HD

Original video [removed] Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan, Soulac 1988 Demonstration Aikido lors du stage de Soulac sur mer organisation …782


AIKIDO Movement Techniques Christian Tissier pt2

AIKIDO Movement Techniques Christian Tissier pt2 We filmed Christian Tissier teaching superb Aikido at the Brighton Aikikai organised Spring seminar in …85


How to do AIKIDO – Kata Dori Sankyo #takingaikidoback

How to do sankyo from a kata dori attack. In this video lenny sly of the #roguewarriors training compound is continuing #takingaikidoback by teaching us his …875


AIKIDO – 2º Encontro de amigos

O 2º Encontro de amigos ocorreu no dia 01 de abril de 2017, no Ginásio de Esportes da ESALQ/USP, Piracicaba-SP. O evento organizado pela União …607

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