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Aikido Women-Perfect Demonstration:Tanto Dori



Aikido – Guillaume Erard seminar in Bayonne (June 2016)

Summer seminar with Guillaume Erard, 4th Dan Aikikai in Bayonne (South of France). Seminar organized by Sud Ouest Aikido …167


Stage International d'Aikido du VIGAN 1990/2015 – Episode 2 : IKEDA Sensei

Reportage sur les 25ans d’Aïkido Harmonie [removed] Aïkido Harmonie est une association qui organise depuis 25ans, fin août, un stage …800


Childrens Aikido | Kids of Aikido Sydney City

A beautiful clip of the kids of Aikido Kenkyukai’s Sydney City Dojo demonstrating and describing their Aikido practice. Carsten Orlt, of Kaufmann Productions, has …227


Aikido Basic Techniques : Munetsuki Kotegaeshi

Aikido technique Munetsuki Kotegaeshi allows the Aikido martial artist to block an opponents punch and re-route the energy. Learn the Munetsuki Kotegaeshi …140


Aikido – Was ist das eigentlich?

Im Polizeisportverein Mainz trainiert Norbert Fischer Anfänger im Kampfsport Aikido. Doch was ist eigentlich Aikido? Lukas (gespielt von Lukas Herzog) ist …288


[Aikido Tutorial] All Techniques Introduced

This is another Aikido Tutorial from a series we are making where you’ll have everything you need to know about Aikido in one place! This project is going to be …980


Visite Ministérielle section Handi-Vailde Aikido Nancy SC

Vendredi 2 décembre, à l’occasion du Comité Interministériel du Handicap, Manuel VALLS, Premier ministre, s’est rendu au dojo Paul Friederich pour …191


Kako "ozbiljno" učiti Aikido?

Moje razmišljanje o načinu, kako se treba ozbiljno baviti Aikidoom. Molim vas kažite mi šta mislite. [removed]


Aikido Kobe Sanda Dojo 20th Anniversary – Mumei Shudan Instructors' Demonstration

Serge Beraud Sensei, Thierry Diagana Sensei, Nathalie Marcias and Adrian Tan are representing Mumei Shudan dojo during the Kobe Sanda Dojo 20th …120

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